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The application range of micro reduction motor is very wide. According to different products, different types of micro DC motors are applied, such as micro vibration motor, micro reduction motor, brush DC motor, brushless DC motor, etc. In practical applications, this kind of application can be said to be very many. Now let's share the characteristics and applications of micro deceleration DC motors.
The current development trend of robot technology is so amazing and advanced that you want to know what their transmission system is. All parts work closely together to ensure the accuracy of their repetitive actions and the reliability of their technical tasks. A familiar industrial controller often finds that in many entertainment equipment, airport baggage transportation, stereo garage, etc., the above are applicable to such an essential power transmission equipment - micro reduction motor. So, how do these micro reduction motors, which are widely used in the field of automatic transmission, work?
The difference between the micro reduction motor and other micro reduction motors is that a reducer (reducer) is added, which is mainly used to reduce the speed of the micro reduction motor and increase the torque (fast speed, low torque; slower speed, higher torque). The reducer can be divided into gear reducer and worm gear reducer. The gear reducer is widely used (Tianfu micro reducer motor reducer motor) due to its high efficiency, high reliability and long service life.
The reducer motor can be divided into single-stage and multi-stage reducers. The gear series ratio of the reducer is higher.
Worm reducer is characterized by durability, stable transmission, large bearing capacity, low noise, compact structure, large transmission ratio, wide power source, etc. It is widely used in large and medium-sized reduction motors.
The application of micro DC reduction motor includes micro gear motor industry, which is widely used in our life. For example, robots can imitate human actions, including walking, running, jumping and shaking hands. Therefore, micro gear motor is mainly used in various joints of robots, which are driven by various micro reduction motors to imitate human actions. The popular electronic lock products also need the micro reduction motor to realize the unlocking operation. The user controls the circuit by entering a password or fingerprint to control the closure of the mechanical switch and complete the tasks of unlocking and closing. Therefore, the micro reduction motor is irreplaceable hardware in the electronic lock.
The micro printer, 3d pen, small mill, etc. we use can use micro gear motor and micro gear motor. Of course, in the actual application process of micro gear motor, it is necessary to reasonably control the speed and torque of micro gear motor and micro reduction motor in combination with product characteristics. If it is necessary to use micro gear motor for new product development, the uncertainty of motor parameters should also be considered, Consult the manufacturer of micro reduction motor for help. Most micro reduction motor manufacturers will have a set of parameter schemes for a certain industry and a certain product.


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