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The micro reduction motor is a power transmission mechanism, which uses a gear reducer to reduce the number of motor revolutions to the required number of revolutions and obtain a larger torque. Among the mechanisms used to transmit power and motion at present, reducer is widely used.
It can be seen in almost all kinds of mechanical transmission systems, from heavy machinery and tools used in ships, automobiles, locomotives and buildings, processing machinery and tools used in the machinery industry and automatic production equipment, to household appliances, clocks and watches commonly seen in daily life. Its application can be seen from high-power transmission work to small load and accurate angle transmission. In industrial applications, the reducer has the function of reducing speed and increasing torque.

Therefore, it is widely used in speed and torque conversion equipment.
In order to ensure the assembly accuracy of the micro reduction motor, it is not necessary to start the motor during installation and do not damage the sealant. Open the oil cap or clean the rust proof grease on the gear surface with kerosene (diesel) to check.
Elastic coupling can also be used to connect gear shaft or other non rigid coupling between micro reduction motor and motor or host machine. The installation of micro reduction motor shall be stable and firm, and the base adjusting gasket must be practical (steel gasket shall be selected). The coaxiality deviation with the coupling shall not be greater than the allowable value of the coupling used. Check whether the sealing surface bolts of the container are loose. If loosened, tighten again.
The load test must be carried out before the use and maintenance of the micro reduction motor. Before the load test, add lubricating oil according to the position of the oil pointer, and rotate the output shaft by hand to make it rotate. It must be flexible and then run for two hours without any abnormal noise. During the load test, it shall be gradually loaded to full load (25%, 50%, 75% and full load if possible). The operation time of each stage shall not be less than 2 hours, and it shall be stable without shock, vibration and oil. After the lubricating oil in the machine is drained, it can be used only after it is confirmed that there is no fault or 200 mesh filter core is used to filter the oil. In case of any abnormality during commissioning, find out the cause and eliminate it, and immediately notify the manufacturer. The micro reduction motor shall be inspected every six months.
After that, check the tooth surface regularly (weekly) for pitting, wear, adhesion and other defects. If the defect area along the tooth length and tooth height is greater than 20%, the gear pair shall be replaced. The gears are lubricated by oil pool and circulating lubrication, and the lubricating oil is selected according to the equipment manual. The motor with soft tooth surface and medium hard tooth surface adopts N100~150. The reducer motor with hard tooth surface adopts N220~320. The lubricating oil should be checked and replaced regularly.
When the newly installed speed governing motor is used, it must be replaced with new oil after 10-15 days of operation. After that, the oil quality should be checked regularly (2-3 months). If it fails to meet the requirements, it shall be replaced immediately. Generally, the engine oil should be changed at least every half a year. When testing the quality of lubricating oil, the lubricating oil must be replaced in time in case of any of the following conditions:
The daily maintenance of the micro reduction motor is mainly to check whether there is oil leakage, timely check the liquid level in the box, whether the lubrication is good, whether the screws are firm and intact, regularly check the temperature of the equipment, use the guide wire to bite into the engagement position of the gear, and measure the wear of the teeth.


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