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1. Function
DC motor is used for indoor fan and outdoor fan of full DC variable frequency air conditioner. Its function and installation position are the same as PG motor of indoor unit and outdoor fan of outdoor unit of ordinary constant frequency air conditioner.
The indoor DC motor drives the cross flow fan to run, and delivers the cooling capacity generated by the evaporator to the room during refrigeration. The outdoor DC motor drives the axial fan to run. During refrigeration, the heat generated by the condenser is discharged to the outside, and natural air is inhaled to cool the cooler.
2. Lead wire function and working principle
The DC motor plug has five leads in total: the red line is the DC 300V voltage positive lead, the black line is the DC voltage ground wire, the white line is the DC 15V voltage positive lead, the yellow line is the drive control lead, and the blue line is the speed feedback lead.
3. Physical appearance of DC motor
The internal structure of DC motor is composed of stator, control circuit board, rotor, upper cover, etc. Its working principle is basically the same as that of the DC variable frequency compressor, except that the variable frequency module and control circuit are packaged inside the motor to form a circuit board. The power supply voltage of the frequency conversion module is DC 300V, and the power supply voltage of the control circuit is DC 15V, both of which are provided by the main board.


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